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Be aware...very aware

Critical thinking is the focus of today's daily wisdom. Roberta stops and thinks...i...

Posted By: Roberta Eastman

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How to Start

A classic replay...So you want to get started in wholesaling and make some money...Yo...

Posted By: cStinson

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What are you afraid of?

Taking one step at a time day after day, overcome that fear by continuing the forward...

Posted By: Jay Sthilaire

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Patrick Williams

I read and responded to some posts on forum. I watched the Matt and Dean training again. I'm rereading Dean's book "30 Days To Real Estate Cash." I'm looking forward to talking with my AP soon. Comment

01/29/15 1:26am EST


Tracie Mosley

Checking in early! Morning everyone! Comment

01/29/15 1:24am EST



A slow day for me I made the mistake of waiting on a Realtor who was supposed to be assisting me and it set me back on an important deal I'm putting together. Going to have to cross them off the list... Comment

01/29/15 12:07am EST

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Fire me up Andrea, great video Read All

01/29/15 1:33am EST



I liked it, this is certainly a nice feature and it was a highly informative video Read All

01/29/15 1:27am EST


Patrick Williams

Thanks, Carol. There has been some discussion about when to ask for Proof-of-funds. This clarifies it quite a bit. Read All

01/29/15 1:18am EST


Judy Tapia

Excellent.....very informative Read All

01/28/15 8:50pm EST

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Craig Campbell

Gena, thank you for posting this great video! You remind me once again that the secret to success is to market my services to people all over my area. Read All

01/22/15 3:07pm EST


Dan Maines

Thank you Donna, I just started to do some of the "everywhere you go" leave a flyer or a card or sign..It feels good to push the business.. Read All

01/20/15 11:52pm EST



Really good Donna Doo thank you! Read All

01/20/15 9:52pm EST



Great reminder Tom Healey thanks so much you are so right! Read All

01/20/15 9:49pm EST

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