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Understanding your market

Hey Everyone, no I am not in Honolulu but I am in Orlando. What am I doing here, wel...

Posted By: Joe and Stacey Jurek

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Finding the Right Realtor

When looking for a Realtor you really need to find someone who is hungry and eager to...

Posted By: Andrea Weule

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You need help!

Yes we all need help as our business grows but did you know that you can hire a virtu...

Posted By: John Horiatis

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Anthony Corey

checking in Comment

05/31/16 9:34am EDT



Checking in. Comment

05/31/16 9:26am EDT


Joe and Stacey Jurek

Make the most of May. It is almost June and Summer is in the air for real estate. Carpe Diem! ;) - Stacey Comment

05/31/16 8:44am EDT

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Thanks Andrea for the great analogy !!!:) Read All

05/31/16 2:03am EDT



Thanks! Carol!! :) Fear is "FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL" Read All

05/31/16 1:59am EDT



Thank you so much I'm looking forward to this webinar I'm ready for all the great information Read All

05/29/16 12:31pm EDT


R Jeroel Johnson

Debby,if you've been a good customer and can't make your payment,DG will sometimes give you a free month,they have helped me thru tough times in the past...........Good Luck,R Jeroel Johnson Read All

05/29/16 8:58am EDT

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Jay Sthilaire

Great info Andrea !! It's funny how new and fresh agents to the game are EAGER and hungry to make things happen for us !! Like the part about doing some work "ourselves BEFORE we contact them. ??' Read All

05/27/16 8:09am EDT



Great Post! Patrick :) When the student is ready...the teacher will appear! as they say...We are all learning from everyone else..even when we become an expert :) Read All

05/21/16 2:13am EDT


Patrick Antrim

Great post Donna. I was just speaking to the City about this. They fine these out of town owners and I'm sure the owners will be more motivated to hear about some solutions we offer. Read All

05/16/16 2:13pm EDT


Michel Gnon

Thank you Donna. Very helpful. Read All

05/11/16 1:26pm EDT

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