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Running numbers with Gena

Do the math, but don't make it a bigger deal than necessary. It today's daily wisdom...

Posted By: Gena Horiatis

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What are you looking for?

Just getting started....focus on what you can do and how to do it. It's time to star...

Posted By: Jay Sthilaire

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Do the Due....

In doing your "due diligence" within a Real Estate transaction you're basically inves...

Posted By: Melissa Nusbaum

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Great day! Loving life ! Comment

03/29/15 7:02pm EDT



Checking in. Comment

03/29/15 6:28pm EDT


Anthony Corey

checking in Comment

03/29/15 6:21pm EDT

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Adamina Aguilar

By the way I am not saying this because I want pity from anybody, is just the plain and sad truth an I will have to work hard to do this. Read All

03/29/15 4:51pm EDT



I have a list of comps. But not sure which ones are deals or how to tell if they are good deals or not, how would I go about doing that? Read All

03/29/15 2:03pm EDT



Watched daily wisdom Read All

03/28/15 10:50pm EDT


Dan Maines

Right on Jay, this is the school ..and our Investment Club but we must do something real for our businesses today... take massive action..start early late. think of it and do it.. Read All

03/28/15 2:40am EDT

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Melissa Nusbaum

IF you are an investor-Risk is in your are right on and we need to learn calculate the risk of every deal! GREAT advise Read All

03/25/15 10:04pm EDT



Very motivating post! I'm still struggling to get started! So many areas I'm unsure of! I won't give up though! Read All

03/25/15 12:36am EDT


Reynold Orozco

Great post Andrea Read All

03/24/15 10:03pm EDT


Dan Maines

Thanks Andrea, getting to really know your Buyers and what they will $pend on should be great for business. We all go out of our way to bring Business to someone we know and Like...edge2015 Read All

03/24/15 2:57am EDT

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