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How To Find Private Money

Finding private money is ALL about networking..In this video, Randy discusses how his...

Posted By: rvaughan

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What R your intentions?

Do you intend to succeed? Of course you do, so why not start your day with an intenti...

Posted By: Andrea Weule

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Running numbers with Gena

Do the math, but don't make it a bigger deal than necessary. It today's daily wisdom...

Posted By: Gena Horiatis

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checking in Comment

04/01/15 10:13am EDT


Chad Wahlquist

I have been busy! I have now attended 2 REI meetings, I have made many contacts, and I'm growing my team. Now I just need to get over the hump and get my first deal done! Comment

04/01/15 10:00am EDT


Tracie Mosley

Checking in. Comment

04/01/15 8:31am EDT

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Donna Britten

Cherri I was right their with you afraid to take a risk, but you must, You can do this I know you can I am 100% sure Read All

04/01/15 8:13am EDT



Thanks again Jay for your wisdom. Read All

04/01/15 2:00am EDT



Thanks Jay, I am one of those people you are talking about. I do need to learn how to give back to myself. thanks again Read All

04/01/15 1:56am EDT



Thanks for the upliftment. I needed the guidance. Read All

04/01/15 1:37am EDT

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I admit I am a creature of habit.. and I do find myself reluctant to do things not in my comfort zone.. I also realize I will never be the successful person I intend to be if I continue staying in my... Read All

03/31/15 6:36pm EDT



Real good words of wisdom Andrea Thank you very much! Read All

03/31/15 6:07pm EDT


Gena Horiatis

My uber efficient friend. I needed that. Thanks. Read All

03/31/15 1:43pm EDT


Dan Maines

Right on Jay, this is the school ..and our Investment Club but we must do something real for our businesses today... take massive action..start early late. think of it and do it.. Read All

03/28/15 2:40am EDT

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