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A helping hand

Buying and Selling properties in an As Is, Where Is, and How is fashion. There are s...

Posted By: Keith Boley

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A Better YOU!

Looking forward to a New Year and a new YOU! What do you want to do differently in 20...

Posted By: cStinson

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Buy Fix and Rent

Donna is hitting the 30 day rehab mark and looking at some nice cash flow in todays d...

Posted By: Donna Britten

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Hi.. I did some reading on the foreclosure process.. listened to some mp3 training on building my buyers list.. will download some more mp3 training to listen to tomorrow.. Comment

12/18/14 8:06pm EST



Waiting for Christmas Comment

12/18/14 7:43pm EST



Checking in. Comment

12/18/14 7:39pm EST

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Kathy Macias

Hi Keith, thanks for the great tips, question: why do you refer to it: "As Is, How is, Where is"? I see this alot on bank owned foreclosure listings. Just curious , than you! Read All

12/18/14 5:42pm EST


Reynold Orozco

Great post. Read All

12/17/14 9:46pm EST



This insider Elite Live chat is really important. Read All

12/17/14 2:12am EST


Keith Boley

Thanks Tom Read All

12/17/14 1:28am EST

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Good stuff and positive information. That is the kind of stuff everyone needs to work on. I sometimes get close to all my goals thank god for a new year! Read All

12/16/14 8:29pm EST



I couldn't agree more! I need to focus on becoming a better me!! I appreciate your advice! God bless you and your family..have a wonderful holiday season..I pray that all of us achieve our goals this... Read All

12/15/14 1:57pm EST


Dan Maines

Thank you Carol, i will give a little more to our homeless in Seattle where I find them. Not everyone is doing great.. Read All

12/15/14 11:56am EST


Patrick Williams

Thanks, Donna. I appreciate the information. These video chats expert contributions are fantastic and this website keeps getting better and better. Read All

12/13/14 1:59am EST

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