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Got Team?

Are you building your team or making changes to the one that you have now? Know what...

Posted By: Keith Boley

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The Magic in Marketing

Jay is talking about marketing and the method to his success. By using today's techn...

Posted By: Jay Sthilaire

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Successful Communication!

Good Conversationalist are good listeners...Shh!!! Hear what they are saying?...

Posted By: Mike Mangham

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Checkin in, studying wholesaling. Comment

08/29/15 8:49am EDT


harold humphrey

Attended real estate training. Joined real estate club. Comment

08/29/15 4:15am EDT



Have the offers lined up; will contact an agent tomorrow. That is all. Comment

08/29/15 2:12am EDT

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Tony Escobedo

nice Michael I agree, I don't use a script either I just took the teaching from dean/matt & co. & made it my own my own personality & be professional & like you said let the person/buyer tell you what... Read All

08/28/15 10:54pm EDT


Tony Escobedo

haha Keith tell Michael that was a great DW please LOL Read All

08/28/15 10:26pm EDT



Hey guys, in response to my previous comment, I got an email letting me know Joe's information on negotiating for beginners will be available next week and to have my pen & paper ready. Thanks ! Read All

08/28/15 6:44pm EDT



I was trying to catch up and view the video by Joe made on 8/25/15 on the subject of negotiation for beginners. I Have on but there is no sound nor picture. Is it still available anyone ? Mwilliams Read All

08/28/15 6:37pm EDT

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Kathy Macias

Thank You for the Gold, Joe N Stacy, I always make notes of your valuable Tips and will add these to them! Read All

08/06/15 2:25pm EDT


Dan Maines

Great Carol..thank you so much for that tip...that is so important. My most recent area of study has been on raising testosterone...check out "Pine Tree Pollen" on youtube Read All

08/06/15 10:44am EDT


Thom Gilbert

Love it Carol! I will give this a try! Thank you! Read All

08/03/15 10:42pm EDT


Munish Varma

Nice. Thanks Donna! Read All

08/02/15 3:58pm EDT

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