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Spring leads to Summer

Each season leads to another and opens up more opportunities to visit the neighborhoo...

Posted By: Donna Britten

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Talking to Cash Buyers

Talking to Cash Buyers can be so empowering and fearful at the same time. Embrace th...

Posted By: Andrea Weule

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Who is your Potential Partner???

Lenee presents us with a great tip on partners...She has enlisted the help of her dau...

Posted By: Lenee Thomas

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Anthony Corey

checking in Comment

07/04/15 1:41pm EDT



Sending out offers, as always. I have so far spotted two properties which are suspiciously low in their listing asking price considering their estimated value, but I'll take a look at them, just in ca... Comment

07/04/15 1:15pm EDT



Checking in. Comment

07/04/15 10:16am EDT

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Kelly A.

We are spiritual beings in physical bodies. As long as our spirit not broken we may remain whole & connected. Attitude & perception are HUGE. Read All

07/04/15 11:57am EDT


Kelly A.

I think doing whatever it takes to reach the goal & to think big... Shoot 4 the Stars Read All

07/03/15 4:15pm EDT



Happy July holiday Read All

07/02/15 7:13pm EDT


Peter Arosemena

Thanks Carol! Read All

07/02/15 3:37am EDT

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Reynold Orozco

Thanks Carol. Read All

07/01/15 12:03pm EDT


Thom Gilbert

Thank you Carol, I appreciate you sharing your tips on acquiring estate properties. Read All

07/01/15 8:53am EDT



Thank you Thom for the encouragement, I need all I can get and it helps to have someone local! Rob Read All

06/25/15 3:53am EDT


Thom Gilbert

I did complete my steps and am excited about the opportunity I helped create by adding buyers, networking and driving for dollars. I will continue to build my buyers list in SD through ghost ads, to n... Read All

06/25/15 2:16am EDT

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